Educational Module
Suan Sunandha International School of Arts (SISA)
            The entertainment industry is growing faster and faster with stiff competition in the  industry.  The use of media is more widespread than in the past, as can be seen from the number of free television broadcasting stations, local radio stations, internet TV stations, and  online media that are growing exponentially.  It is necessary to generate more qualified personnel who can achieve a world-class product.  Formerly we tended to look to other countries for our production needs.  Nowadays we should manage our own productions.
              SSRU organized SISA, the first international college of film and acting at Rajabhat University.  In cooperation with private enterprises and other relevant agencies we have maintained a supported industrial growth.
               SISA focus on working with the industrial sector and on practical training.  We provide qualified instructors including artists, famous actors and executives from the domestic and international entertainment industries.  Student are encouraged to participate in creative activities throughout their four years of study.  The entertainment industry will soon be dramatically extended by the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) so it is necessary to generate more universally qualified personnel.  SISA places an increased importance on cooperation in teaching, working and cultural exchanges with 9 ASEAN countries.  The college focus on teaching and research to support English and two degree programs.
              Even though there are a large number of university courses in Film, Animation, Gaming and Performing Arts, which were set up directly under a faculty or included in others such as Mass Communication, Science, Engineering or Liberal Arts, few are in an English program.  With engagement in AEC, Thai students can globalize themselves.  English language tends to be emphasized in many fields in education, working and daily life.  SISA sees internationalization as a priority.  We aim for established standards of teaching and learning that can produce quality work that meets the needs of the labor market on a global scale.  SISA offers an educational module supporting further requirements, by studying 130 credits in three and a half to four years with and internships with companies.

Teaching Management Plan
            Since the year 2012 we have offered a teaching curriculum with at least two undergraduate courses and 2 graduate courses.
Bachelor of Fine Arts Major film production
Bachelor of Fine Arts Department of Creative and Digital Media
            From 2012-2015 we will offer these 5 courses.
Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film Production
Bachelor of Fine Arts in Creative and Digital Media
Bachelor of Fine Arts in New Media, Broadcasting and Voice
Bachelor of Fine Arts in the Performing Arts
Bachelor of Fine Arts in Computer Graphics and Games
            The curriculum of SISA Film Production includes credits throughout the course up to  128 credits with 6 credits of electives.  The total credits for Creative and Digital Media are 126 credits with 6 credits of electives.
Domestic and Overseas Cooperation

The Federation of National Film Association of Thailand
Thai Digital Entertainment Content Federation
Thai Animation and Computer Graphics Association
Thai Game Software Industry Association
Thai Cartoon Social Entrepreneur Network
Digital Content Association of Thailand
Nova Tele Group Co., Ltd.
Thaiphirom Star Co., Ltd.
Central Pattana Public Company Limited

Asia Animation Media
Animation Council of the Philippines
Chengdhu University, China
Republic Polytechnic, Singapore
University of Computer Studies, Myanmar
Multimedia University, Malaysia
Digital Content Association of Japan
MDEC, Malaysia
Indiana State University, USA
Nanyang Technology University, Singapore
Normal Yunan University, China
Jimei University, China
Academic resources
            By giving priority to teaching and learning environment, our students are supported in practical training with contemporary instruments and idustry.  Students gain from their experiences to produce quality work.
            Application forms are available to downloaded at
            or by request from the university
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              Khlong Yong Sub-district
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Tel.  034 -964918
English program:
            Thai student                           40,000 baht
            International student                50,000 baht
Fee:                                                   10,000 Baht
Housing and Residence
          Students are welcome to stay in the SSRU hotel.  University dormitories are being constructed in the academic area at Nakorn Pathom and will be available soon.  We pleased to contact neighboring apartments and residences to help students with their individual requirements.
         Price is decided by residential location and style.