Our fourfold Mission is:

1) To achieve a high standard in education, attracting both quality students and professors.

2) To encourage academic advancement through research.

3) To nourish and maintain the art and culture of Thailand and the Rattanakosin area.

4) To offer the highest service in the academic field.



The university has five specific objectives which promote clarity in our mission and a continuous policy.

1). By arranging excellent teaching and study conditions, the university produces graduates with professional skills, wisdom and morals. These graduates are able to serve the demands of the community in a knowledge based economic society.

2). We maintain a wide ranging and flexible student education center while continuously developing language skills and Information and Communication Technology (ICT) thereby promoting self-study and lifelong learning.  Language skills and ICT support electronic and online learning systems that create self-sustaining knowledge and educational opportunities.

3). Establishing sustainable community power through innovation in development, research and organizations.

4). The use of technology to efficiently relay our academic service to the community and society, in effect being a cultural information service center for the Rattanakosin area.

5). The development of a quantitative educational management system, providing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and emphasizing achievements creating a sustainable autonomous university. International Program Faculty

Suan Sunandha International School of Art

     Website: www.sisa.ssru.ac.th

      1) Film Production (BFA)
2) Digital Entertainment and Creativity (BFA) 
      3) Computer-Generated Imagery and Games (BFA)
      4) Performance (BFA)
      5) New Media Broadcasting (BFA)