Graduation Submitted

Submitting a request for graduation at the undergraduate level at From the 2nd semester onwards

Step by step 

          1. Please check your all courses in cirriculum structure at, if your information invalid please contact your advisor/faculty officer.

          2. Student should be request graduated last semester are expected to graduate.

          3. Student must pay for the upkeep of a student in the final semester of expected graduation if not already enrolled.

          4. Student must take a photo with graduated uniform at Sunandha Photo at least 3 day before send a request form, because the office need your photo for create a document form. (In the case of office has not received a file photo, students will also be unable to send a request form.)

          5. For students to change some information, including title, names or surnames, please contact the One Stop Service at Office of the President before the time to approve your request. (In the case of university graduates already announced, students can not be changed)

          6. Student can be request for graduation one time per semester only.

          7. Please strictly follow the instructions from the officers.

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