Why study at Suan Sunandha International School of Art, SSRU


Why study at Suan Sunandha International School of Art, Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University?

SiSA focuses on each student's artistic creativity to inspire the process of film production or digital content that reflects individual uniqueness. SiSA fully intends to provide a strong foundation for each student as a true professional in filmmaking, applied performing arts, digital marketing and digital design by finding out each student gifted talents and change them into reality effectively and practically. Additionally, all students will have a glimpse of experience as a professional filmmaker or digital content creator by producing their own films, animation, design, mobile applications, or digital marketing thru new media in response to the real industry. If you are one of the new generation with great vision and passion in filmmaker, animation, makeup artist or e-commerce. SiSA is what you are looking for.